Considering a Dumberwaiter for Your Business? Here are Three things to Consider!

A restaurant or a hotel may have multiple floors through which they need to transfer food and other small items. While lifts can accommodate this goal quite nicely, it’s not always practical to have someone going up and down multiple floors for a few items or, in the case of areas that are not as well appointed as others, it may not be possible for the wait staff to go in and out of the kitchen at all. Fortunately, a commercial dumbwaiter by Lift Works is an easy solution to a space or convenience issue.

Electronic vs. Manual

There was once a time that dumbwaiters were used by the wealthy so that they could get the items that they wanted without ever having to interact with the kitchen staff. A ring of a bell could produce alcohol, food or even a book from a library on a different floor. The dumbwaiters were manual, operated by a pulley system by the staff.

A manual dumbwaiter is still an option today for those people that want to keep their dumbwaiter as authentic as possible. However, for busy kitchens and staff, an automatic, electronic version is better. Simply put, it’s like a mini-elevator except for all of the controls are outside of the system instead of inside.

Choice of Design

Many hotels have dumbwaiters that open up on every floor. Often, they choose to have it match the surrounding walls so that no one will know that it’s there. However, they can also be stainless steel, wood or decorated however someone wants it.

Weight Management

Another thing that a commercial dumbwaiter by Lift Works will have options for is the amount of weight it can carry. Much like a standard lift, dumbwaiters can have lift restrictions, some as little as 20 pounds. For a company that knows that they will regularly transport heavier items in their dumbwaiter, having one rated for a higher weight is a must. It may be more expensive but it will be worth it.

If you have multiple floors to contend with at your restaurant or hotel, but you don’t want staff running up and down the stairs or using the elevators all of the time, a dumbwaiter might be the perfect solution. You can speak with someone at Lift Works today about your options and to see if a dumbwaiter is right for your facility.