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Things You Need To Be Aware Of What It Comes To Sensual Massage.

Majority of the people consider doing massage. Sensual massage allows one to have a free mind and is comfortable all the times. Many people see massage as one thing that enables one to live a stress-free life Sensual massage is one type of massage that we have amongst others. Just like the name says it, it is always a massage done to turn on your partner’s senses that gives pleasure. You need to be aware that sensual massage is not a sexual act. You need to factor in some important things concerning sensual massage.

You should know that you need to consider some things when you are planning to start a sensual massage. There is no way one can start with the sensual massage without creating the mood for the massage. You need to ensure that both you and your partner are in the right mood for the massage. You can do it by lighting candles in the bedroom, put off all the cell phones and maybe playing soft music. See to it that you are very sober when you want to start with the sensual massage. You need to use the natural massage oil since it always have nice smell which will stimulate the desire in the body. Ensure that you take a good look at hands and see it that they are soft, the nails are well trimmed and they are warm.

See to it that your partner takes a hot bath then you can start after that. You need to ensure that sensual scalp massage is the first thing you start with. It Ensures that your mind is free from any form of tiredness or boredom. You need to know that both men and women always do this. Your partner needs to have enough time to feel comfortable and to undress. Tie towel around her waist so that she is not completely naked. This you make you aware of your partner is comfortable or not.

Ensure that you start your massage with the things your partner is fond of. Starting by giving your partner light touches is the best way to start your sensual massage. Then you can go to the other parts of the body when there is always a lot of tension like the neck, shoulders, hips. You can also ask your partner about what he or she has in mind so that you may have a better experience when you are doing that. After your partner has relaxed, you need to go down to the sensitive part. When you are done you can have drinks that you all love and some chocolates.

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