How To Select A Federal Appeals Lawyer?

Selecting an experienced federal appeals lawyer is one of the most important aspects of making an appeal in a federal court. Whether you prevail on appeal or not depends a lot on the skill of your lawyer.

But how do you choose a federal appeals lawyer to handle your appeal? Here are a few tips to help you out with the selection process:

Where to start looking for an expert federal appeals lawyer?

Before you can choose your lawyer, you need to know where to start looking for one. There are a huge number of federal appeals lawyers practicing all over the country. However, not all of them are skilled enough to deal with appeals in an efficient manner. A good place to start your search is at renowned law firms like that have strong appellate advocates with expertise in handling appeals in federal courts.

On what basis should you assess the lawyer?

The essential factors to consider for evaluating a federal appeals lawyer is the experience and skill they bring to the table. Do not hesitate to ask your lawyer about how long he or she has been practicing. Make sure that your prospective lawyer is highly experienced as a federal appellate lawyer. Each case is different and so, each appeal needs a different approach. Your lawyer must be adept at handling appeals of different kinds. Try to find out the success ratio of your lawyer when dealing with appeals in a federal court.

How to be sure of the skills of the lawyer?

A good federal appeals lawyer must have excellent persuasive writing and oral skills. You may not be a lawyer yourself but you can take a look at a few of the briefs written by the lawyer recently. This will give you an idea about the writing skills of the lawyer. In case you have a lawyer friend, you can seek his or her opinion regarding the briefs. As far as the oral skills are concerned, the success ratio of the lawyer in handling appeals that included arguing in front of the panel of judges will provide you an indication of the same.

What should be the procedure for you to pay the fees?

The cost of making an appeal can depend on several factors, including how complex the case is and how much time is needed to deal with it. An experienced lawyer will be able to give you a fair idea about the expenses for the appeal. Usually, there are two ways in which people choose to pay their federal appeals lawyers. They can either go for a flat fee that is inclusive of all the expenses or prefer to make payments on an hourly basis. Depending on your preference for any of these two methods, discuss the payment issue clearly with your lawyer at the very beginning. If your lawyer agrees to your payment method, you both can proceed ahead with the appeal and aim to get the ruling overturned.