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Holding a Wedding Sand Ceremony.

Wedding unity sand ceremony is a form of marriage ceremony which is used to create unity among new couples by use of sand. The wedding unity sand ceremony is more popular than the traditional ceremony which used tapered candles and light. The tapered candles are lit during the candle ceremony where the bride and the groom lights the pillar of the unity candle symbolizing the commencement of their unity. The lighting of the candle is the same as the reciting of the unity sand. The two forms of marriage differ in the in the use of the lit candle and the colored sand. The unity sand ceremonies are very popular for the traditional unity ceremony because the sand is always available and does not face the challenges which may arise during the lighting of the candle. The candles may go off especially if the occasion is being conducted outside an enclosed area making the ceremony faulty. Wind can disrupt the lit candle especially if the marriage ceremony is held in an open place. Memorable moments are enhanced by the sand pouring which is done by the engaging couples.

The unity sand set carries the memorable parts of the marriage after the completion of the wedding. It captures the memorable days of the couples’ life. There is a large glass vase which contains two small style tubes. The two small vases are filled by the bride’s and groom’s mothers at the beginning of the wedding ceremony. The mothers also put the large glass vase in place. Typically, two of the colored sands represent the d?cor of the wedding while the other one is always white. The mandate to fill the main glass vase with the white sand rests with the officiant of the ceremony. This occurs at the beginning of the wedding ceremony and symbolizes the importance of the grooms and brides faith in their relationship.

The groom is then required to start pouring a small portion of the colored sand inside the large glass vase. The bride will pour the colored sand to the main glass vase after the groom. The couple will then pour the sand simultaneously, in small bits creating layers of sand. They will then pour simultaneously when they get closer to the end of their sand in order to balance the layers. The pouring of the remaining colored sand into the large main glass vase simultaneously will symbolize the completion of their unity ceremony. When the colors blend, an image of the unity is portrayed. The main glass vase is covered at the top using the stopper bought with the set. The officiant is then required to bless the ceremony by giving a customized verse.

Holding the wedding at sandy beaches is very efficient to enable the other people to grace the occasion by blowing sand. The sand has several attributes hence it is perfect symbol of love and unity for marriage ceremonies.

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