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Riddle Me: Planning a Great Scavenger Hunt for Adults

People love scavenger hunts because of the camaraderie, fun, excitement, and competition it provides to strangers and acquaintances. Playing scavenger hunts greatly help people work together, show their intelligent moves, and simply have fun. Scavenger hunts are great to play on birthdays, Christmas, Easter Sunday, corporate team events, and any other occasion requiring fun and teamwork. Now let’s try to dig deeper and find out some tips and tricks on how to best plan a scavenger hunt. When it comes to playing scavenger hunt, the steps you need to do include choosing a theme, sending the invite, making a clue list, adding complexity to the hunt, preparing for the pre-hunt meet up, keeping in mind and reminding others about warnings and other rules, and setting-up the post-hunt meet up.

Having a good theme will help you in creating better clues and items for the scavenger hunt, like a bachelorette night our party or food-based scavenger hunt, so that everything will be tied together in a great package. Having a theme means you can have the participant wear or dress up in crazy costumes like scary costume ideas for the Halloween. Send the invite to the participants a month or at least two weeks beforehand for them to prepare properly, most especially their costumes for the themed party. It is best to pick a great location for the game, a safe place for everyone, one that can accommodate the size of your group, preferably a place where you can do everything on bare foot, and a place where you don’t have to drive anywhere just to look for clues. The most intimidating and exciting part is creating a clue list that should be long enough so that not everyone won’t be able to get every item, and prioritizing items must be done. Remember to keep the list secret until the day of the scavenger hunt to prevent cheating, and assign designated points to each clue, giving higher points to the most difficult items or clues. There are great ideas for your clue list such as a coin from a different country, a poem that tells a story’s origination, toothpick, red lipstick mark, a cocktail umbrella, get a stranger to tell a joke, a local town official, a pizza coupon, a job application, disposable coffee cup with a business logo signed by one of the employees, or a graffiti in a nearby local business’ washroom.

Some tips to make the scavenger hunt more challenging include asking the participants to perform or sing to get the clue, having them build an item from scratch, taking a picture from the clue, dividing the clues into the puzzle, or hiding a clue on a book and provide only the call number or ISBN number. It is very important to provide some points to remember such as complying with the rules, avoiding breaking the law, and the time limits before you start the game.

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