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What Is the PEMF Device And What are the Different Features

The human body is powered by electrical energy. This energy is generated in and out of the human body. The earth is able to generate its electromagnetic energy. The human body also has its own way of producing the same type of energy. The cells and the components of the cell need this energy to perform their tasks. Falling ill can be seen as a weakness in the body cells. They have low energy. In this case, they needed to be recharged so that they can resume their roles. This form of energy can be provided to the body cells using the pulsated electromagnetic field devices. This form of energy has been very effective in treating chronic pain. It is a natural treatment since it only energizes the body cells and makes them stronger.

This technology has been in use in Europe for over forty years and has been approved by FDA as safe and effective. It makes people get relief from chronic pain. To fully appreciate the performance of the PEMF devices, just imagine of a cell phone that has gone low in power. When you connect the same to the charger, it is boosted and can, therefore, serve you. The PEMF devices are just like the charger to your cells. The device provides recharge for cells that have become discharged. The healthy cells are also recharged though it can be tough to realize the differences for healthy cells. The treatment applies to different conditions such as cancer, depression, and arthritis.

Each manufacturer has its own model of device meaning that the PEMF devices have differences. When you go searching for them, you know the differences in the PEMF devices. One of the significant difference is the power level of the PEMF device. The power level can be as low as the earth’s electromagnetic field to 10,000 times of the same. Mostly, the low power devices will be used for cellular health and bone healing. For degenerative diseases, sports injuries, trauma accidents and surgery, high power devices are used. The high power devices are more effective in pain relief.

Another difference in the machines is the continuous or pulsed waveform. Most of the low power devices have a continuous waveform while the high power devices have a pulsated waveform. The shape of the waveform is another difference too. The continuous waveform can be shaped in square, sine, saw tooth or custom waveform. The pulsated PEMF devices produce biphasic short duration pulse waveforms. The low power devices come with a preset pulse rate designed by the manufacturer while the high power PEMF devices have a user variable control of the pulse rate.
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