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4 Drug Tests That Show How Long Marijuana Stays in the Users’ Body

The time it takes for weed to stay up in a user’s body is among the many queries made by most people. All things considered, the appropriate response to this question varies as it relies upon a few elements. Some of these elements include THC fixation levels, how long the user takes the drug, and how often he or she takes it and techniques used to take the drug.

It is believed that the more the user takes marijuana, the more it stays in his or her system. Conversely, the influence of weed also determines how long the drug stays in a user’s system.If a user devours cannabis frequently, the more likely it is to find traces of THC elements in their body for a longer period.

Also, depending on the drug test you take, the presence of THC and THC metabolites will vary. There are four weed tests that are used to check the existence of weed compounds in consumer’s body.In this writing, you will find all the weed test explained.

For the urine drug test, it attempts to find the existence of THC compounds which are recognized as THC-COOH.Since THC-COOH is not water soluble, the urine drug test, therefore, takes a lot of time to recognize these elements.On the other hand, there are some other contributing factors of urine drug test which include how heavy or light the user is, the amount of body fat the consumer has, and how much weed the user takes for what length of time. As a result, it is onerous to state how much time it would take to detect the existence of THC.But then, for chronic users, traces of THC may be confirmed after 30 days and for the one-time users, the existence of THC may test positive after one or six days.

Saliva drug test, on the other hand, shows detection of THC elements in a short time. The saliva test indicates traces of THC elements after 1 hour but can stay up to 24 hours for first-time users. However, saliva test can take a maximum of 3 days to report traces of THC in excessive weed smokes.

Similarly, the hair drug test is used in testing for THC in marijuana users, and it can show the presence of THC after months of taking the drug.Most hair drug tests detect the appearance of THC after three months for the heavy marijuana users. In single users, the hair drug test is of limited value, but it still tests positive after seven days of taking marijuana.

In conclusion, the blood drug weed test indicates positive results after one day in one-time marijuana users, but for the frequent weed users, the test will show existence of THC after 2-7 days of ingesting weed.

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