With the increasingly uncertain economic conditions, many companies that do not use the internet are slowly starting to go out of business. The Internet has created a new corporate model, which is changing the traditional perception of doing business.

The average e-commerce growth is 25% per year, and of the 7.2 million MSMEs in Indonesia, around 36% make sales through social media such as Instagram. In addition, MSMEs feel that their turnover has increased by 80% compared to before, which sold products only through conventional methods.

  1. Relatively Small Capital

It’s no secret, if one of the advantages of running an online business is that the capital required is relatively small. It is much different when compared to an offline business which must have a place for storage of goods, an administrative office, and a sales store, whereas if you make sales online you can save on the use of space.
In addition, the capital in doing business online is just a gadget with supporting features, capabilities and internet quota.

  1. Easy To Do

Almost all online business people, when asked why choose an online business over a conventional business? The average online business person answers because it is easy to do.
This statement is not wrong, because online business is very easy to do because you can run an online business from anywhere and anytime. The most important thing is that you have a stable internet connection.

  1. More Efficient Operational Costs

If you open an offline store, the operational costs you will incur are very large. The operational costs in question, such as building rent, labor costs, electricity costs, and so on will affect your production.
But this is not found, if you run an online business, the operational costs that will be incurred are relatively more efficient. This is because you only need to incur operational costs for PLN, internet or data package costs, packing costs when the goods will be sent, and employee costs if you have employees. This is one of the advantages of an online business, which is saving on operational costs.

  1. Reaching Consumers Broadly

The next advantage of an online business is that you can reach consumers more broadly. If you only rely on selling offline, you can only reach consumers who are around you. You cannot reach consumers outside the region. This will not be found in doing business online. Because by doing business online you can reach consumers more broadly. You can reach not only one city, one province, even one country. Because the scope of consumers in online businesses is not bound by geographical problems. These advantages are only obtained from if you run an online business.