Five Indications That You Need VoIP

If you are still on the fence about VoIP, you may only need a gentle push to finally cave in and adopt this modern telecoms technology.

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The following five factors might be enough to convince you that VoIP is the way to go, putting an end to the age of traditional phone services.


The cost of keeping a traditional landline connection up and running can be steep, especially with call charges and hardware expenses taken into account.

VoIP is far more affordable, with free or cheap calling available over a broadband connection and no need to run a distinct on-site phone solution to get it up and running.

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What is more, with VoIP wholesale offered by it makes excellent sense for a business to save money by adopting.

Missed Calls

Inbound calls from clients, customers and partners need to be dealt with efficiently, but an archaic phone system might make this impossible, especially if your business is growing and the volume of voice traffic is booming.

VoIP allows for advanced handling features, from call forwarding to comprehensive automation, so that you never need miss out on a potentially important opportunity.

Future Growth

Landline phone solutions are far from flexible, meaning if you need to move premises or increase your call handling capacity at your current location when more workers join the team, you will encounter difficulties.

VoIP is not bound by the same restrictions and can easily allow you to migrate to another site, or even combine multiple sites under a cohesive system so that callers can enjoy a seamless experience, no matter your set-up.


While a landline service will be tied to a distinct location, VoIP can easily be accessed from mobile devices as well as desktop handsets.

This gives you a lot more options when it comes to allowing employees to work flexibly. Since a flexible working policy generally leads to increased profits, this is obviously worth pursuing.


A more flexible phone service makes for a more productive workforce, with the digital advantages of VoIP allowing it to dramatically enhance the practices you deploy in your office.

From monitoring calls to gathering useful metrics about the way your phones are being used, there is so much you can learn and many ways to give productivity a healthy boost.