Seeking a Wood Fireplace Among Gas Models?

The latest trend in fireplaces today is those powered by natural gas. They can be turned on with a remote control, require little maintenance, and create virtually no smoke. Turning one off is another flip of a button. There are no embers to snuff out before going to bed, no ashes to clean out in the morning, and no wood to cut or purchase. In the technological age where attention spans are dwindling at an alarming rate, a gas log fireplace is ideal for young couples, professionals, and families.

Something Is Missing

For many people, a gas fireplace is simply not the same as an old-fashioned wood one. The sound of crackling logs, the art of poking the fire to keep it warm, and the smell of the smoke are half the fun of having a fire. A gas fireplace does not meet those expectations. The trade-off is too great, and any fireplace added to the home must be wood.

Where to Find One

There are several options of sizes, colors, and styles designed, manufactured, and installed by an Australian company that has been in business for over twenty years. Models range from standalone fireplaces to models that can be built-in to the wall depending on the layout of the home. A free in-home consultation is available to determine if the built-in style can be installed in the desired space.

There are several physical locations, so customers can visit one and learn the details. Models can be compared online as well, so try here and request a consultation. While on the website, discover details about zero-percent financing for twenty-four months upon approved credit.


Advanced manufacturing technology, experienced designs, and industry-leading warranties indicate the confidence the company has in the quality of these heaters. A one-year warranty is offered on installation, the heater, and all other parts. The firebox comes with a ten-year warranty. If any repairs are required, the company offers videos online and professionals available to make service calls. Enjoy heat the way you prefer it with a wood fireplace. Be comfortable, be mesmerized, and become enchanted with the flames.