Slower Than a DSL Line, but More Powerful: With Multiple Connections the T1 is a No-Brainer

Small business owners who are shopping for the best broadband service are faced with a decision that must be addressed while searching for service. There are two options to consider when making a decision. The two options are DSL or the T1 service.
The two differ because the DSL option will allow you to share your connection with others around them. Imagine the analogy of driving on a three-lane road shared by other drivers with the same intention in mind. The drawback is traffic always interrupts the speed of flow. Normally you’d travel at 65 MPH, instead you’re traveling at 25 MPH because of delays. That’s what DSL feels like, it’s fast and effective, and you’ll get to your destination. But you might be slowed down a little bit because of multiple connections.

With a T1 connection, it’s like you’re traveling on a road that has been cleared specifically for you. You’re able to travel at the speed limit of 65 MPH without any interruptions whatsoever. With the T1 connection, you’re ensured that you’ll always be able to travel at the maximum speed every time. Although with DSL it is widely advertised under false pretenses as having fast connection speeds. The actuality of the user actually experiencing these claims of super-fast speeds, are rare. These proclaimed speeds are shared among a neighborhood of users, hindering speed quality. Even though the T1 is your own personal connection, it travels significantly lower than DSL. The pros with using the T1 is you’ll have a private connection, but the cons are the speeds are lower.

The best connection option for your business really depends on what your intentions are regarding operation. In the business world where time is money, keeping multiple computers connected at high internet speeds are essential. How fast is a t1 line? With the ability to carry data at a moderately fast rate of 1.44 megabits per second or 192,000 bits per second, the T1 line can carry data faster than your average modem, look here. The T1 line can split into 24 different channels for data and voice, making this the ideal option and smarter choice for small businesses alike.

One of the great advantages for using the T1 line is that it can easily be installed in a small business or office where multiple workstations will be in used simultaneously. For example, a call center would be a great idea for the use of a T1 line. Anywhere where multiple devices will be used, and secure reliable connection is vital for operation. The T1 line will be of great use and appreciation. Using the T1 as an option for you home wouldn’t be the best fit unless you’re running a business from it. The reason being, that it’s considerably more expensive than using a DSL line. This is why I stated earlier that it’s beneficial depending on what it’s used for.