Top Reasons Why Your Company Needs to Invest in Ethernet

In this time and age, it is inevitable for a business to operate effectively without internet. It is the internet connection that helps a business to build strong ties and healthy relationship with its clients. Therefore, when you are a business owner, ensure you invest in a perfect network and to realize success. Problematic internet that is unreliable and has lots of downtimes can harm your business and can make your business lose money in various ways as it leads to a decreased response time. It also frustrates your users. A study conducted by Deloitte suggests that slow internet speeds are the number one reasons why employees often get frustrated at work. It affects both the large corporations as well as small businesses.

Slow internet, according to a survey done by Sandisk, makes employees to lose a level of productivity that would equate to a week. A strained internet bandwidth limits your workers’ working speed impeding their working potential. This therefore, harms your employee’s ROI and consequently the business loses the opportunities to make sales. A slow internet connection also bars your employees from reaching the cloud. These and more reasons, therefore, call for a company to hire a firm that offers a high Ethernet speed.

Benefits of having High Internet Speeds In your Business

The benefits of connecting your business with a reliable Ethernet, like Fibre Ethernet, the EoFTTC or Ethernet over Fibre-to-the-Cabinet or even the EFM which stands for Ethernet First are;

  1. High Speeds

Ethernet is faster than any known copper internet connection. It has various speed options to choose from, starting from 5 Mb up to 100Gbps. With such, your business would not realize any downtime or slowdowns even when there is a huge demand for internet access from other business entities. Therefore, you are sure of maintaining high productivity levels throughout your operations.

  1. A Dedicated Connection

With Ethernet you are guaranteed of a dedicated connection whereby the connection is solely for your firm and no outside party can access it or tamper with its speeds. Your service provider offers you the exact speeds on your plan, and its steadiness is maintained throughout. Ethernet is perfect especially if your operations depend on the cloud services. Also, it is recommended if you are involved in running servers that need to be assessed for various websites.

  1. Service Level Agreements

The supplier for your Ethernet connection needs to offer you high service level contract. This is means that their engineers should pay your business a visit anytime you encounter issues with your internet connection, such as downtime, loss or any form of challenge and rectify the problem.


  1. High bandwidth

Businesses that deal with high data transmission need this type of internet as with a broadband connection, a business is often likely to exhaust its bandwidth. Ethernet provides a higher bandwidth as well as impressive speeds that allow the transfer of heavy files, streaming videos, cloud applications, web conferencing and even SIP trucking.

The list of advantages goes on and on. If you are yet to adopt Ethernet for your company, you surely are missing out big-time. Consider finding a reputable company for this kind of internet connection today and have an edge over your competitor businesses.